I’m an energetic gal & wifey (fueled by Bulletproof coffee), boymom to Irish Twins, and momprenuer with a sailor’s mouth. My husband and I own a company based in Southern California for the natural industry. We are (sort of) your typical SoCal family; vacationing at the beach, loving & breathing USC Football and frequenting Disney. I am a lot more than these things, but nothing really “defines” me. I’m more crunchy than fancy, and 100% particular. I’m also recovering from some serious shit (but who isn’t?).

In reading my blog, I hope you find that we are more alike, than different. If you’re looking for someone to aspire to, keep lookin’. Most likely, I will be saying the wrong thing, the wrong way, and offending more people than I can count. Deep down inside, I really do care….and I don’t. I want to be real, authentic and true to my inner voice. If by doing that,  I help one person but piss off a hundred, it’s all worth it. You won’t find me apologizing, and you won’t hear me complaining. I believe I CREATE MY LIFE and its amazing, but it’s not for everyone. I give a lot of fucks about a lot of things and hope we can share blog  adventures together. If you need anything, I got you girl…or boy- no gender rules here.

You’ve been officially warned- WELCOME to my tribe!

Looking to collaborate, team up on wellness, get me to speak with your group or school? Email: caffeinechaosandcusswords@gmail.com

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