I’m an adventure seeking Disney lover & wife to my best pal, (fueled by caffeine, chaos and cusswords), Mama to Irish twin boys, followed by a set of fraternal twins, (this family was gifted ONE princess), that’s right FOUR littles searching for magic any and everywhere amongst our Disney life.

This year, I was able to jump into the Podcasting world thanks to my friends over at Mousetalgia. You can tune into my weekly segment on anywhere you listen to Podcasts.

In following along here, I hope you find new pixie dust and magic to sprinkle into your own Disney life. As a child growing up going to Disneyland it was a magical upbringing and I’m so giddy to be experiencing it all again through the eyes of my children. As long-time passholders we are in the parks a LOT but the trips are not always smooth sailing. Many people ask “how” we do “it” with 4 little ones…and all I can say is that there is no guidebook or rules we follow we just DO it all and stop when its not working. (Managing your expectations beforehand is always helpful.) I CREATE and search for the magic in our lives and find it to be amazing. I hope we can share in loads of Disney Magic here together.

Phrases our family lives by: “Adventure is out there!” & “Love always wins!”

Looking to collaborate, team up on an event, or help plan your next trip? Email me! 

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