The Mandalorian: Season 2 Countdown

Star Wars The Mandalorian (Disney Plus)

Like so many, we are huge fans of the Disney Plus original series, The Mandalorian. I think we spent this entire pandemic re-watching the show start to finish 11 times. Naturally, the anticipation for a second season has all 6 of us giddy with excitement. (Yes, even our 3 year old twins love the show…judge away!)

We have a little shelf dedicated to our new Mando fan items like our Barnes and Noble exclusive collectors cover of Entertainment Weekly & our newest Funko Pop – the 10″ Mandalorian with The Child.

Our little Mandalorian excitement corner PC: Josh May

While everyone else is ramping up for Halloween countdowns, we shifted our focus to a daily reminder that our Family Movie Nights will shift soon to Mando Fridays! It inspired me to make an official countdown and I’m sharing it here with you!

The Happiest Club on Earth Mandalorian Season 2 Countdown

This is the way” to DOWNLOAD the file:

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