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Things this week sure got crazy, fast. But now that things are in place for my kiddos, (and most of the world’s), to be out of school for at least a month and our happy place is officially closed up, (not to mention reatil stores, restaurants and more), I had to work on a plan to keep the magic going in our home. It’s not ideal, BUT I do believe that we can find ways for some “adventure is out there” kinda fun. I decided to try and take on some home learning with a magical twist! Here are some of my ideas and what I plan on doing for this month of imposed home time in attempts to become a teaccher on the fly with a Disney theme each week. I am really trying to focus the kids on looking for magic everywhere possible! I’ll be adding to this same post as I find more and/or better ways to juggle it all. I’ll also be posting PDF worksheets and projects to share that we’ll be using along the way. Here’s to a little magical lining in this messy, trying time.

DIsney - Where to start

  1. Plan for your kids ages: My kiddos are all Preschool-Kinder age. The links and things I plan to share has lots of levels to choose from, but I will be more focused on the younger stuff. Evaluate what your kids are interested in and what their levels are, then get ready to start digging in for content and saving downloads like crazy.
  2. Follow the basic learning areas: It’s easy to just throw your hands up and watch  Disney+ as “film study”, (and let’s be real, that’s gonna happen), but keep in mind that kids thrive off a routine and in this uncertainty and situation we are all trying to navigate through, and maybe more so for little ones that just dont understand. Try to work on and keep up skills they have already started to work in their grade level and areas they have even mastered that way they can feel emprowered. Something so simple: READ to them and with them! We are carving out time each day to write notes and practice our letters and sentences by making magic mail for all the ones we love and miss seeing right now. (If you’d like to be added to our ever-growing list, please email me your name, addresss, and favorite characters) TheHappiestClubonEarth@gmail.com
  3. Connection: Maybe the most important of all. Look at your children with your full attention. Ask them questions. What do THEY think? How do THEY feel about all of this? What kinds of things would they love to do with you? I plan on cuddling the crap outta them during this time and considering it a positive mental health activity. Make sure you are validating their feelings of being sad to not see their friends and be in their environment. Its all they know and its super important to them.
  4. ROUTINES: This for us is maybe the most important. Our oldest will end up in tears and emotonally spent if we dont implement routines for him. However, we are always adjustable in our times and activities. Somedays I’m not gonna have things ready or prepared for certain blocks and I’m 100% ok with that- so that day it will be “free choice” off a list of pre-discussed options like, dance videos, or facetiming friends, or a special sticker by number book. Here is a basic routine I’m trying to  follow (*although, at the end of the day we go with the flow…I don’t force the kids to do anything if I can tell their minds just arent working well. Also, we play A LOT ans focus on actual work maybe 2 hours day. I did this for us to use as a reference sheet for topics and organizing themes and subjects. Do what works for YOU).

Daily Schedule

Click here for the PDF of our Daily Schedule

If you’d like the original document I used for this to edit yourself, send me an email and I’ll send it to you!

The Basics:

We start with our affirmation every morning. I have the kids stand up and say “I am Rylan Carr” Loud and proud. Followed by:

“I am brave. I am smart. I am kind. I am strong. And I am so loved.”

Next, We do some basics like:


  • What day is it today? Followed by them writing the day
  • What month, day, year is it? (They write it also)
  • What’s the weather like?
  • How are we feeling this am?
  • Now I have them write their names on their paper to use for the morning andtheyounger ones trace their names. If you need a great name trace paper customizable to your child’s name this is a great one! 

This page has a link to a wonderful sheet full of links and descriptions to free educational resources & things like virtual field trips and more!

AI search this Disney teaching site a lot: DisneyClips.com

Here’s a link to my Instagram where I’ll be sharing, (mostly in my stories), all sorts of our daily Disney Themed Learning as we do it!

Looking for some cool virtual experiences like at home field trips?! Check this link out! 

ATTENTION Disney fans of all ages dreaming to be imagineers! Disney just released a Khan Academy program for free – “Imagineering in a box” I’m doing this alongside my kiddos and can’t wait to experience it!

This mama’s blog has this entire page with downloadable Disney printable packs of Frozen, Onward, Toy Story, Wreck it Ralph and more!

Space Week:

Dinsey/Pixar movie theme: WALLE/Flight of the Navigator

Earth Week:

Pixar movie: Wall-E


Dinsey/Pixar movie theme: Marvel Characters

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