Tips For Getting Into a Rise of The Resistance Boarding Queue

On January 17th, (my birthday weekend!) Rise of The Resistance opened in Galaxys Edge at Disneyland Park. The excitement and intense hype was all real and more prevalent than even the opening of Galaxys Edge itself.

Here’s a little rundown of tips to getting a boarding queue for the most anticipated ride to hit the parks in perhaps, ever. *This is in no way a gaurantee to get you on the ride just my opinion of how to best set yourself up for potentially getting a boarding queue for this amazing new attraction.

  1. Check official park opening time. Your ticket MUST be scanned into Disneyland park only, (a DCA main gate scan in does not help here), in order to be able to join a boarding group.
  2. Turn OFF your phone’s wifi and bluetooth. You don’t want to rely on Disneyland’s hot spot heavy resort guest wifi for this. Cellular is going to be your best bet.
  3. Find a spot open and away from big buildings for the best cellular internet signals. We have found somewhere in the hub around the Walt & Mickey statue is a good choice or even the base of the train station. I would also keep an eye on the crowd around you, as it’s known that large groups in close proximity can bog down your signal speed.
  4. Approximately 10-15 minutes before park opening sign out of the Disneyland app (and any others you may have open/running)
  5. Stay on the home screen until 8am exactly, at which point you will:
    1. Click on the small button under Rise of The Resistance “Find Out More”
    2. The next page should have a clickable button “Join Boarding Group” (if it doe not show as blue, click on “My Status”
    3. Once you’ve clicked “Join a Boarding Group” you will confirm all the members in your group you are attempting to get a queue for. *Make sure you delete any passes from your app that are not in the parks with you or trying to get their own boarding queue that way you don’t lose time in this step un-selecting those passes.
    4. This is the last step- “CONFIRM” and hope for some pixie dust!

*Everyday there are a limited number of initial planned boarding queues, (the first day it was 82). The app will also assign a certain amount of higher numbered boarding queues which the app refers to as “backup boarding queues”. These will only be called if there is capacity for more riders in the evening.

Don’t be discouraged if you find yourself with a high boarding queue, some days the ride runs very smoothly and boarding groups get called well into the 110s!

Hopefully these tips help get you onto the most immersive and magically imagineered attraction to ever grace our Disneyland. And may the force be with you!

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