Preparation For Visiting Galaxy’s Edge

5cef6c715b4d6-2db6f0d9-6569-42d2-a3ff-79c5f556af76-DMID1-5iyuawamt-640x360Whether or not you’re a Star Wars fan, Disneyland hasn’t had an exciting large-scale park addition like this in, well, EVER. The promise of an immersive Star Wars experience like this has been a decades-long wait for most fans! When Lucas film was acquired by Disney in 2012 it sparked a “new hope” that fans may get some future in-park additions out of it, but in August 2015, it was announced that a new Star Wars land was coming to Disneyland. It seemed so far off at the time, but now, we are finally here! Tomorrow, (May 31st), Batuu officially opens it’s land, (via reservation only), to park guests.

If you were lucky like me, you secured a reservation before they ran out in under 2 hours flat, (or maybe you’re one of the EVEN luckier fans that already went with a cast member during preview days!) I’ll admit, I’m just a modest Star Wars fan and all because my baby brother watched the movies non-stop growing up! (Check out his always magical photography here.) But I have been a nervous wreck this week trying to figure out how to plan an organized attack of my 4 hour time in Batuu this Friday, (opening day). I’m going alone, which at first made me sad, but now, I’m looking forward to some 100% distraction-free experiences…”Solo”. If you’re going at all during this reservation time, (it will be open to all come June 24th), here are some tips & info I’ve gathered that I’m going to try and follow: (I’ll have an updated post upon my return from Batuu.)

  • When do I need to get there? Allow yourself ample time for parking, getting through security, your trek into Tomorrow land for your wristband to enter and the walk over to the Critter Country entrance for your reservation time. ( is suggesting 2 hours before your start time).
  • “Will I even get in the parks?!” I’ve confirmed with multiple cast members, and been told with confidence that even if the parks hit capacity, simply showing your Galaxy’s Edge reservation to the front gate will ensure your entry into the park– So don’t stress! If you have a reservation, you will be traveling to Batuu!
  • Oga’s Cantina The previews thus far, have proven this location to be quite popular. No shock there, a well crafted nod to the bar we watched in the films complete with droid DJ and the first alcohol to be served inside Disneyland park was of course going to draw crowds. Rumor is, you’ll get about an hour in here and a 2 drink max per person. I know for many of us, things can shine a little brighter with some happy juice, so it may be tempting to start here…But, keep in mind that reservation times DO overlap, so perhaps wait until the time slot before you has weeded out a bit before you hit this up.
  • Smugglers Run- Who hasn’t fantasized about being the pilot of the Millennium Falcon? When Rey did it in the movie, I just about cheered. Cast members have been telling many guests not to worry, the wait times for this one and only attraction currently open will be shorter than you think, (estimates are about 45 minutes to an hour) for reservation days. It has also been rumored that you will get one ride per reservation time, so make sure you are fully prepared to be a pilot, gunner or engineer for your flight– How well you execute your duty WILL matter.
  • Handbuilt Custom Lightsabers- This one is interesting…The entrance to Savi’s workshop to build your own lightsaber (starting at $199.00), is kept quiet AND you can’t even look inside without paying the price. Also, you will only be allowed a plus ONE (non-paying) member of your party to experience it alongside you, so plan accordingly.
  • Build your own Droids- Here’s where they got me! I can’t wait to build and bring home our own little version of BB-8 for the boys and have it be our bluetooth music DJ with a fun little personality. This experience starts at $99.00 and the entire process looks very fun and interactive with conveyor belts of supplies and your own unique customizations available, (for additional units of course.)
  • Batuu Eats- I can’t stress this enough, but when it comes to utilizing your time as much as possible anywhere in the parks,  mobile ordering is where it’s at. As a mama of 4 little ones, multitasking details like this are king. I would take full advantage of this for your food options and use the extra time to roam around the streets and catch some of the impromptu shows and experiences happening throughout the land. Here are all the food locations:
    • Oga’s Cantina
    • Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo *(mobile order available) 
    • Milk Stand *(mobile order available) 
    • Ronto Roasters *(mobile order available) 
    • Kat Saka’s Kettle
  • Souvenirs- Looking for shirts that say “Disneyland Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge”? You won’t find them here. And I love every piece of that! I’ve always been a sucker for a good theme and I highly respect the attention to detail and authenticity Imagineers put in so that when you’re in Batuu, you will only find things that are true to the land. If you want the trademark souvenirs, you will need to head to Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland. If you want to adopt a legit furry animal you would encounter while assisting the resistance on Batuu, then Toydarian Toymaker is where it’s at. Or if you’re in need of anything else far far away, Black Spire has got you covered…literally.

I know its tempting to video, Instagram & post live during this once in a lifetime experience, but let’s all agree that it’s wonderful to truly immerse yourself in this magically spirited new portion of our beloved parks. Take a few quality views in without tech in hand, and then by all means, join me in documenting everything and anything we can! And lastly, let’s be KIND, to each other and the amazing residents of Batuu for hosting us during this exciting time!

‘Til the Spire!


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