Upcycle 4th of July Craftin’

I was never that big on decorating for holidays, other than Christmas. But I have to admit that the past 4 years of suddenly becoming a mom of 4 have me whistling a different tune! I’m finding so much joy out of decorating for every little holiday with things my kids made.

And when it comes to crafting, I’m all about DIYs using what we already have! I find it provides a wonderful time to remind my children about how precious our world is and how to be more mindful about our waste. (Following one of our favorite book’s messages – All The Way To The Ocean). Finding great projects using upcycled & repurposed items we’re just going to throw out are always on the agenda.

As I’ve shared many times, I trust Kabrita Goat Milk Formula for my babes! All 4 have thrived off of it. After nursing both boys I supplemented with it and this time around with the twins, I tried multiple brands before we circled back to it. I really can’t say enough amazing benefits about their product! The major downside to formula with twins? Allllll the formula tins you have to recycle! So I started saving them all, and this adorable 4th of July decoration was one of my favorites!


Here’s all the supplies & steps for this easy little red, white & crafting fun!


  • Formula tins
  • Small handheld Drill or large nail & hammer
  • Blue spray paint (prep 1 day before)
  • White star stickers
  • String or twine
  • Fast drying glue
  • Streamers & ribbons in red & white

STEPS: (**BEGIN 1 day before**)

  1. Drill one hole at the top of each can (enough to fit your twine or string through when you’re finished decorating) OR you can always hit a large nail through with a hammer.
  2. Lay out all your tins for spray painting. (In this case I had a local Fit4Moms event with over 45 so you bet your ass, my trigger finger was sore AF). 
  3. Spray all the sides (2 coats with at least an hour in between). I always use Rustoleum brand with primer in it! (And I have an entire closet dedicated to my spray paints.)
  4. Once the tins are completely dry, you can begin decorating the tins with star stickers or you can stamp stars on with white paint too! fullsizeoutput_4e76.jpeg
  5. Figure out how long you want your streamers to be hanging down. Then pre-cut all your ribbon, string and/or streamers to that length before you start gluing.
  6. Take your super fast drying glue and put a squeeze of it all around the inside rim of the tin. Then start placing your cut ribbon, string and/or streamer ends by pushing them into the glue until it feels like it will stay without you holding it. Do this all around the inside of the tin until your happy with the results.
  7. Last, stick your string/twine through the top hole and make a few knots so that it wont come out and hang it somewhere fun to blow in the wind!

Happy (somewhat chaotic) Crafting!

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