Project Happiness

✨ I truly believe magic is everywhere and we choose our life. But that doesn’t mean I actually FEEL like that 24/7.

Somedays happiness feels like a fluffy unacheivable standard and I have a super hard time being fake. Like, I suck at it. So when I’m supposed to post all the best of my daily life and work on social media there are definitely days I just plain don’t feel like it.

But here’s my non-shiny social media truth: real joy means embracing ALL your moods. Some days the lack of sleep, grumpiness and overall dark of the day wears on me. I try to stay positive and laugh at the small stuff, but it can definitely feel super heavy. These types of days I always try and remind myself of the 40% that I’m actually in control of.

In my opinion, happiness is about acceptance of ourselves, and where we are at any given moment while looking to see how we can grow and learn. A big part of my growth over the years has been focused on gratitude and the pursuit of happiness in spite of any lack of things we believe should make us happy. In that effort to grow and learn, I found tons of research studies around happiness. Here’s the part that really stuck with me:

50 percent of our well-being is determined by our genes, 10 percent by our circumstances in life, and a full 40 percent is determined by what we choose to do in our daily lives. For the last 10 years I’ve been taking that 40 percent very seriously. I also heard that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Think about that one for a moment. Mind blown right?! Those closest to you can be the ones holding you back the most sometimes.

Research is nice and quotes are cute, but how do we actually implement these truths into making a happier life? First off, Genes are not set in stone, (epigenetics is fascinating) but 50 percent is a solid number no matter how you look at it and overcoming our programmed genes is no walk in the park. 10 percent is just life. We attract things to us, but life also just happens all around ua. Sometimes circumstances are what they are, and they can suck. But that “40%”, oh that chunk is totally up to us! I spend time focused on that 40%, practicing gratitude in my daily journal, giving to others, speaking affirmations out loud together on our morning drive, making meaningful connections with friends and strangers and taking time to enjoy the little things like soaking up the ever-changing flowers and landscape at Disneyland, exploring nature with my kiddos, learning little new things like fun Disney craft DIYs, and these all tip the scales toward finding my happiness.

So the next time you feel unhappy, accept it. Embrace 60% of the situation and then focus on your 40 and what you can do to choose happiness moving forward. It’s a pursuit after all, and it’s absolutely the most meaningful one.

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