Hustlin Magic/Mom Guilt

We are grateful to work in an industry where we can create a growing business for ourselves! If you’re working towards your own business- you get it, and to you we say “fight on!”✌️I’d like to tell you it gets easier, but it doesn’t. You’ll learn how to work smarter, not harder and what it does become is more and more rewarding.


These days leading up to our Expo West week are jam packed with work, and prep, and stragtegy, and attempts to plan the perfect days, but in all reality even the most perfectly executed business week will be a little sad for me. Because I know that every moment I am hustling and being a boss babe, I’m missing some magic at home with my 4 littles. And we are very much a tight knit clan.

Today I was on a roll attacking emails. One half of the twins was asleep and our little girl was awake and playing. She was so occupied and happy that I got through a ton of follow up work before I remembered she was next to me. It made my heart heavy to look up from my laptop and find her like this. I was right here next to her missing something she was discovering for the very first time. Did she look up and see I was locked onto my laptop? Did she wonder why I wasn’t watching her?


Finally having a daughter is so frilly and fun and down right scary as shit. I want her to be fierce and strong but heartfelt and magical too. I think because the twins are our last babies I’m more sentimental about every little thing that do that I miss or take for granted. I feel like this time is flying by and the more I try to slow it down and faster it gets.

There is a fine line between who I am and what I want to be. I’ve always been a driven and focused gal. I knew that wouldn’t go away when I became a mama, but I didn’t know it would cost me this much. I always feel guilty about one thing or another and I hate missing out on my kids while simultaneously wanting to hustle more and more so our clan can experience the next awesome and magical adventure!


So next week when it’s all posts about the coolest new brands and the next fun partner we get to work with, know that I will come home feeling highly accomplished and successful in each day, but feel like a complete failure when I stare at my sleeping kiddos knowing I missed some spark of magic in their day.

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