I’ll Raise Your Doc’s 19.6 With My Opinionated A**.

Ok so…I’m opinionated. Totally. Everyone is, but I’m probably more so. Most of what people believe is based on opinions of others they respect and/or follow anyway. But I’m definitely full force with what I think, and even more so with my health education background.

That being said, I share a lot about my feelings, thoughts, and the way we live our life. If you don’t like it, go ahead and unfollow, I’ve always known I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. I live my life very bold and out loud. And why not? Life is an adventure and I like to attack it as such.

There are some things I share that can be seen as very controversial. For instance, my stance on nutrition, disease prevention & overall truly healthy lifestyle. Many might think it’s simple opinions on things, but you see, this area is my thing. It’s my passion and it’s a huge part of my purpose. I feel very strongly about it since I follow the money, the science, the truth tellers when it comes to this and I don’t believe what I share to be pure opinion. But again, I know there are a lot of people who would find it “controversial”, I however am not one of them.

So here’s the lowdown:

I went to college intending to become a psychologist or nurse. As I got deeper into the western medical focus, I felt this knee jerk reaction to it. I kept asking how we could prevent things, and I didn’t like the answers I received. It was always a very disease management approach and symptomatic prescriptions were the only answer. Then I attended a lecture series in my home town at Pomona College about naturopathic medicine, disease prevention, and the power of the mind to self-heal. It spoke volumes to my soul. And it wasn’t some “wack job hippie” either. (Although I doubt it would have spoken any less to me if it was). It was a Harvard MD/Neurologist/Psychotherapist. He had spent 20 years in medicine and clinical studies and was lecturing all around the world on the focus of disease prevention with nutrition.

I dove in. This became my little fire and it just grew. Then I met a cute guy who was totally into this subject as well and we both committed 100%. (Like, I moved in with him after dating for 2 months and told my mom I was gonna marry this guy). I mean, batshit crazy right? But I did. And almost 11 years later…here we are!

4 years into being together, we lost our 4th baby and decided it was time for a major change. We were sick of the standard conversations with doctors about what was or wasn’t “wrong” with me. We woke up one weekend and wrote down where we wanted to be and what was holding us back. We decided to change it and make things different to move toward exactly what we wanted.

My husband sold his pool business, I quit events & fundraising and we abruptly moved into a cabin off the grid on an 11 acre property in Northern California. Cost of living was low, life was simple, there was an amazing school nearby that I could work at as well as receive free education from. The best part, was our only focus was to work on ourselves away from many distractions. We spent 2 years building our lives and forming our intentions towards a more wellness-driven lifestyle.

We changed the way we ate. We took supplements neither of us had ever heard of. We grew wheat grass and added herbs to our tea and coffee. We made some nice cash trimming pot for our neighbors while we watched hours and hours of alternative medicine lectures and I attended school. Those 2 years in that cabin were something of magic and struggle. We grew tremendously, but were forced to leave so much behind that it was painful. The education we were receiving about disease prevention, real nutrition and how the body works could not be un-seen.

We used to love our runs to fast food places and drinking but could no longer enjoy those things. We also had our most successful pregnancy to date just to have it ripped from us at the “safe” zone. I had to have surgery to get the baby out and in recovery found out I was allergic to morphine. Not fun. My 17 year old dog died. My husband randomly tore the cartilage in his knee and had to have surgery. I fell down our flight of wood stairs. Yes, the kind of dramatic fall you see in the movies. And if you’re anything like me always wondered, “how the hell does one fall down a flight of stairs?!” With socks on. That’s how. And it hurts like fucking hell and you wonder how you didn’t die. But somehow after all of this we still look upon that period of our life as this amazing growth spurt. (We also call it the “rainy season”)…

Alas, I finally arrive at my point. (I do have one.) The average American doctor/specialist receives 19.6 hours (hours!) of nutrition education throughout all of medical school. (Harvard national data) I have completed that and more just in my basic years at Cal Poly Pomona, before my 2 year, full-time education and certification of my license as a holistic health practitioner from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This was along side numerous 6 and 8 week courses in raw diets, herbal medicine, cancer prevention, and nutritional disease management from Dr. Andrew Weil’s University of Arizona’s Integrative Health Center. Not to mention, my on-going certifications, lectures, and courses I pay for and choose to take from multiple sources including USC Keck Medicine even to this day.

As you can imagine, I feel I have a little more than an everyday opinion when it comes to these subjects. I mean, really? 19.6 hours and you’re gonna dictate my life’s overall health? I got years on that. Not to mention natural products themselves, since we own a 5 year old business of consulting and brokering for the natural product industry. I am not mis-informed. I do believe western medicine is amazing for emergency, surgeries and necessary pharmaceuticals. I have partaken in all of that. There is just no base for nutrition or disease prevention in that mindset, and therefore when it comes to that I don’t follow their approach.

I do not share things to scare anyone. My intention has always been to cast light. I want everyone to feel the way we do. We feel more alive and more healthy than we ever have and I want that for everyone! I have a voice and it has depth and knowledge. We can disagree and still be fine, but you won’t sway my direction. I’m not some girl reading random David Wolfe articles off Facebook. I know my shit and I’ve been hearing that I’m loud and bold my entire life and I don’t give AF what anyone thinks. I’m living this best life for me, my kids and anyone else that wants to know about what we have to share. Everyone deserves the best version of this life with vibrant, real health. Period.

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