New Year…Same you! 

Sometimes we can all get so caught up in “resolutions” and new year changes that we forget it’s just another day, waking up the same us. 

2016 was a vey focused year for me. I took some major time to work on some dark personal experiences. It’s a fucking emotional roller coaster, but is been necessary. A major part of why I started this blog was to share my past in hopes of helping others. (I’m still working on how to do that). 

The truth is, after 10 years of positive changes, I don’t feel like the same person that experienced those things. My soul has evolved and I’ve grown a lot, but I’m still me. 

2017 is another year, and yes, it’s new. It’s a great time to shift focus, implement positive changes, and make decisions to evaluate what and who we spend our life with. I love to write down what I want for this year and who I think I am. If you do this, immediately look back at your calender, bank account, and social media and see if you are what you think and if you’re making the best moves to match those goals. This can be quite revealing sometimes. And I do it once a month or so, not just in the New Year. It’s a great way to keep on your path with accountability. 

Don’t get me wrong, the New Year is a great time to move into new habits, and proclaim change, BUT don’t sabotage yourself, choose things that are attainable for your lifestyle. If you’re ready to cut off a major limb, (a toxic person in your life), I’m the first one to tell you to do it! But beware that it comes with a lot of work to cut them out and off. 

Maybe just start with a few sentences… “I’m a loving, fun person who loves to cuss and do Disney. I’m going to focus more on educational aspects of my growth this year, and invest in moments, not multitasking.” 

  1. This is a year to focus on Me. I’ve been a Mom for a while now and as they grow up and become more independent, I am realizing that my whole world is changing and that I need to change and grow too. I need to show them what it’s like to be venture into the World. I love this blog. I love you. Happy New Year.

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