Kid Safety n’ Swag

We were invited to attend the 5th Annual Celebrity Red CARpet safety event at Sony. Not gonna lie, I was secretly hoping I would be able to sneak around a bit and find Chelsea Handler’s studio and dressing room, where we would meet in a hilarious “chance” encounter and become BFFs…Yes, I’m psycho. (She’s my favorite.)

The Celebrity Red CARpet Safety Event was a time to learn about safety for the littles. Their mission is to have celebrities drive national awareness for child passenger safety and safety for kids at home, at play and on the way. Their event did that exactly. I didnt even know there were so many things to learn from my boy’s carseat manufacturer Diono, let alone all the other booths of products and kid stuff! 

Gotta say that our favorite was how the boys got to play the collection of Step2 kitchens, water tables and cars, not to mention their rollercaoster sets! That could have gone on for HOURS. My youngest (Rylan) was hoarding the nemos from the water table and as you can see from the picture, he wouldnt let them go! There was painting, the kind of painting this OCD mother appreciates with smocks, and interactive saftey booths. I was strongly considering not going to this because my boys were super grumpy this morning, and I thought it might be a fight to attend- but all the distractions were perfect!

Check out the pic of my swag bag! How awesome is this?! I am going to do a giveaway with a good amount of it on my instagram account @caffeinechaosncusswords Stay tuned for the next event they have for Celebrity Red CARpet Safety– sure to be informative AND fun!


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