Yes, I’m a “Natural” Brunette

I’m 100% positive I’m the “crunchy granola” friend. We lived off the grid for 2 years in Mendocino, CA where I can assure you, I was considered quite the opposite, (but that’s another blog entirely). I actually AM quite comfortable with my “crunchy” title. I don’t think it’s ALL I am, but I’m happy being mistaken as a natural hippie-type.

Don’t get me wrong, in many ways I am, in fact, both crunchy and granola.

  • We own a natural products company.
  • We buy almost 100% organic groceries.
  • We follow Dr. Sears alternative vaccine schedule, (judge away).
  • There are more super herbs and tonics taking up space in my kitchen than actual food.
  • Our toddler boys have been drinking Amazing Grass in place of “juice” since they were 6 months old.
  • And I use all natural, alluminum-free deodorant. (So yea, I’m pretty much stinky all the time.)

Crunchy Mama it is!

There is ONE part of my lifestyle still that is very un-natural; I have grey hairs. Not like, “I earned these bad boys here I’ll show ya.” kind-a-grey. More like if I didn’t color my hair, you’d think I was crazy sort-a-grey. I couldn’t care less about my age, but when I noticed those bad boys creeping up on me at 25 it was cute- like a battle scar I wore proudly. It made me feel as though I had “lived” through some shit. But then, more silver strands moved in at 27 and I simply had to take charge and cover those villains up. Fast forward 10 years and I’m in a beautful relationship with my hair stylist. (Seriously, she’s the bomb).

There is a product called HAIRPRINT that the Hubs found through David Wolfe, (a natural industry influencer we know and trust). However, I have more of an auburn hair color and they have yet to have a product to match…so until then…

My stylist, Audrina found the coolest re-usable hair “foils” and uses them on my hair. I know it’s silly, but these make me feel better. I mean, come on, shes not throwing away foil…shes re-using the product over and over for clients- talk about ECO! Haha. While I still have to color my hair, I’m lucky to have a stylist like Audrina who wants to try and make me feel better by adjusting some little things. And you know what? While I’m still at it, I always let her throw in a pop of color. Because life is full of chaos and I could use a little boost on those messy bun days!



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